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If your business is having an outage or just a desktop issue with a computer, QOS Consulting is here to help.

Simply contact us and one of our experienced associates will aid in setting up dispatch or attempt to resolve your issue remotely.

The QOSC Smart Choice Business Solution

Smart Choice = Smart Decision

As a managed solutions and service provider, we know what key technology components businesses need each and every day to run their business. The QOS Consulting Smart Choice Business Solution (SCBS) was introduced to our clients in 2010 after a full year of research and development. The key goals of our solutions are to:

  • Optimize the technology used and streamline its function to reduce cost
  • Standardize on compatible equipment to reduce downtime
  • Centralize management of key systems to improve response and break/fix resolution time
  • Consolidate many services into one manageable monthly bill
  • Improve security protection to reduce virus and malware outbreaks
  • Introduce business grade technology solutions to increase employee productivity

Problem? We Have The Solution.

We recognize that our clients' needs differ depending on the industry, business practices and culture. Our solution is designed for flexibility and customization. Are your current systems flexable?

The QOSC Smart Choice Business Solution reduces the complexity within an IT department, infrastructure and improves support converage for your entire company. How complex is your current environment?

The computer networks and systems of an organization require routine maintenance just like a vehicle. If they go without maintenance, they will eventually breakdown, leaving you without service. Are you due for your next network and systems oil change?

  QOSC Smart Choice Business Solution

SCBS Solution Overview

There are many different technology software and hardware components that go into most corporate environments. Some of these components are similar to those used at home and easy to understand the function they provide, while others are as foreign as someone speaking a different laungage. Technology changes every day and is often difficult for many to keep up with the latest trends and concerns.

The SCBS solution addresses these concerns by targeting the needs and concerns of customers through key service offerings rather than listing all the dependencies that are required to perform the service. Through a Q&A process, customers elect the service that best meets the needs of the organization. With simplified billing, customers see the line item key service and quickly understand the cost associated with the service. Quarterly review ensures that customer expectations and needs are being met.

QOSC Smart Choice Business Solution Overview

Our solution has been designed by systems engineers, architects and specialists that have over 100 years of combined experience. Updates are deployed in an organized manner and undergo pre-deployment testing in our test labs before even being deployed to the systems our customers depend on

The SCBS is a complete migration of all internal systems to those deployed, managed and maintained by QOS Consulting. When equipment reaches its end-of-life, QOS Consulting migrates and replaces those hardware and software components after business hours or on the weekends. All this is included in your service with zero additional expense.

Additional services and solutions may be added to complete a custom taylored solution offering. Take a look at some of the key features and highlights that our solution comes with:

Key Features & Highlights:

  • Zero Capital Investment
  • Redundant High Speed Internet Service
  • Centralized File Storage
  • Business Email with Smartphone Sync
  • Professional Basic Website Design
  • Professional Shared Wesite Hosting
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Domain Name Service Hosting
  • Phone System (VoIP PBX)
  • Voice Mail System for Phone System
  • Managed Firewall Security
  • Managed Network Switching Infrastructure
  • Managed Wireless Network Infrastructure
  • User Based Network Security System
  • Machine Based Network Security System
  • VPN and Web Based Remote Access
  • Offsite Data Protection
  • Centralized Printing Services
  • Anti-virus Protection Services
  • Anti-spam Protection Services
  • 24x7x365 System & Service Monitoring
  • 5 Flex Support Hours Per Month
  • Internet Traffic Governance & Filtration
  • US Based Support Center (Warrenville, IL)
  • Technology Sounding Board
  • Monthly Consolidated Billing Report
  • Automatic Reoccuring Billing
  • Reduced Hourly Billing for T&M or Projects
  • Onsite and Remote Support

Solid Foundation. Solid Solution.

Why settle for the rest, when we have the best? Built on only the most trusted and accepted industry products, solutions, software and hardware.

Solid Foundation Solid Solution

What Is Included? Everything!

There is not much that hasn't been put into our solution.  With zero capital investment, your business is up and running on services that are both cost effective and increase productivity in your office.

Experience The Difference

We resolve over 95% of the issues that are called into our office, without ever leaving our building. This leads to faster resolutions and more productive time for our clients as a result of not having to wait for a person to go onsite to fix an issue. Our fuel and transportation maintenance costs are kept to a minimum and allow us to conserve resources. Our savings are passed onto our customers through low cost service.


Whichever direction your business chooses to go, QOS Consulting has the right services, solutions and resources to meet your business’s needs. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and the quality of service our firm provides, you can be assured you made the right choice by choosing the QOS Consulting Smart Choice Business Solution.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the QOS Consulting line of products and services.

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